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Risk Cuts Two Ways – Market Commentary»

April 17, 2018 –

The nature of investing is one of taking and managing risk, with a recognition of the potential for both upside and downside risk. Please follow the link to download the entire article. Risk Cuts Two Ways

Charitable Planning – Client Letter»

March 21, 2018 –

If you support charitable organizations with cash gifts, there are other ways to support those organizations that may be more tax-efficient.  Please follow the link to download the entire letter.  Charitable Planning

A Primer on Market Lingo – Market Commentary»

October 18, 2017 –

The phrases bull market and bear market are among the many terms used in financial market parlance; they refer to periods of rising and falling prices, respectively.

Interesting Times – Market Commentary»

May 11, 2017 –

It is widely believed that the saying “May you live in interesting times” is the English translation of a traditional Chinese curse.