The Rhythm of Financial Crises»

October 5, 2021 –

We believe that trying to predict major market moves is an exercise in futility. Nevertheless, given the current environment of elevated equity valuations, interest rates near all-time lows, and debt-fueled liquidity, it is worth examining whether typical signs of a bubble currently exist.

Inflated Worries»

July 13, 2021 –

Among the silver linings of the difficult past year have been the rapid recoveries in global economies and markets. In the US, corporate earnings and aggregate economic activity have now…

How Diversified is Your Index?»

April 9, 2021 –

With the rise of the S&P 500 as the primary benchmark for US large company equity returns, we thought it would be useful to cast some light on exactly how…

If You Had a Crystal Ball»

January 25, 2021 –

Imagine that you had a crystal ball, which granted you the ability to see major future events before they occurred. And imagine that you peered into that ball just over…

Strange Days»

October 14, 2020 –

In recent days I have struggled to settle on a theme for this commentary, particularly how I might synthesize into a brief note the important takeaways from monumental events that…

Money Tsunami Drives Recovery»

July 20, 2020 –

The wild ride continues. After the COVID-19 virus prompted an economic shutdown resulting in roughly a 17% drop in global economic output, economies around the world are rapidly re- opening…

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