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Corrections and Opportunity, Strategy and Tactics»

January 15, 2019 –

2018 was a disappointing year for investors, with virtually all major asset classes experiencing negative returns. While losses are never pleasant, there are a few key takeaways that are important to keep in mind during periods of market volatility, and there are silver linings in the current environment.

Ten Years After – Market Commentary»

October 10, 2018 –

September 15th marked the 10 year anniversary of what many observers cite as the nadir of the 2008 global financial crisis: the date that investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy protection, the largest such filing in US history.  Please follow the link to download the entire article. Ten Years After

The Water is Never Fine – Market Commentary»

July 20, 2018 –

Investing means taking risk, and while it should be done in a thoughtful and cost-efficient manner, a “safe” time to invest is rarely obvious: the water is never “fine.” Please follow the link to download the entire article. The Water is Never Fine  

Risk Cuts Two Ways – Market Commentary»

April 17, 2018 –

The nature of investing is one of taking and managing risk, with a recognition of the potential for both upside and downside risk. Please follow the link to download the entire article. Risk Cuts Two Ways

Charitable Planning – Client Letter»

March 21, 2018 –

If you support charitable organizations with cash gifts, there are other ways to support those organizations that may be more tax-efficient.  Please follow the link to download the entire letter.  Charitable Planning