Santa Fe Advisors, LLC

Investment advisor for individuals and institutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of clients does Santa Fe Advisors serve?

Santa Fe Advisors manages investment portfolios for individuals, families, and institutions. We build long term relationships with our clients, who value our experience, integrity, and our open, transparent approach.

Is there a minimum investment to become a SFA client?

Normally, Santa Fe Advisors seeks investment relationships with clients with a minimum of $1 million or more to invest, but we may waive that minimum on a case-by-case basis.

How is Santa Fe Advisors compensated?

In order to best align our interests with those of the client, we accept only one form of compensation: an advisory fee based on a fixed percentage of client assets. We accept no commissions, hidden charges, or product based fees. We therefore have no reason to recommend one investment over another, unless we think it is better for our clients.

You talk about a culture based on alignment of interests. What does this mean, and how do you achieve that?

Our alignment of interests with our clients is demonstrated in two important ways. We believe that excellent investment advisory services can best be provided when the incentives of the advisor are aligned with those of the client. Our only revenues are the fees that clients pay, which are based on the size of a client’s account, so as a client’s portfolio grows, we benefit along with the client. Just as importantly, Santa Fe Advisors requires that all founding partners invest personal assets in the same portfolios and funds that we recommend for our clients. We eat our own cooking.

What type of services do you provide?

We provide comprehensive investment advisory services, including an assessment of the client’s overall balance sheet, a review of each client’s risk tolerance, advice on an appropriate investment strategy, and discretionary management of diversified, global multi-asset class portfolios.

Are my assets safe?

All Santa Fe Advisors client assets are held in custody by Fidelity Investments, which provides each client with independent verification of the assets held in their account. While Santa Fe Advisors has trading authority over the account, both we and Fidelity have state of the art controls in order to assure the security of each client’s assets.

Will I receive an Investment Policy Statement?

All clients receive an Investment Policy Statement, which sets portfolio risk guidelines resulting from a consultation with Santa Fe Advisors. Investment Policy Statement risk guidelines may be amended over time as the client’s needs and circumstances change.

Describe your investment approach.

Santa Fe Advisors is a manager of diversified, global multi-asset class investment portfolios. We have a disciplined, valuation based approach. Our portfolio construction is a two step process involving global asset allocation, and investment vehicle selection. We conduct our proprietary research and ongoing due diligence on approved investment vehicles. We are benchmark agnostic in our approach, as we believe that strict adherence to benchmarks is dangerous, and generally leads to mediocre results.

Do you buy individual stocks and bonds?

No, we invest only in approved funds and other managed investment vehicles. The majority of our investments are in mutual funds and ETFs; we occasionally invest in separate accounts and limited partnerships for clients where these specialized investments are appropriate, after a full discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of these vehicles. We are always keenly conscious of liquidity and fees, and seek to keep the former high and the latter low.

Describe your team’s experience.

The three Santa Fe Advisors founding partners have a great depth and breadth of expertise serving clients, and average over 25 years of financial market experience. Collectively, the partners have worked at major money center banks, trust banks, and investment banks, as well as boutique investment advisory firms. They have served in roles on institutional trading desks, as M&A bankers, and private client advisors.