The Yield Curve and Bond Strategy»

October 11, 2023 –

Given recent downward moves in both stock and bond markets and the many fears that have dominated financial headlines in 2023 (see our Q3 commentary “Yet Again, the Sky Does…

Yet Again, the Sky Does Not Fall»

July 19, 2023 –

It is probably fair to claim that the three things most people care most about, in no particular order, are their health, their loved ones, and their financial security. Given…

2008 Redux?»

April 13, 2023 –

Volatility returned to financial markets last month in the wake of the second and third largest bank failures in US history (Silicon Valley Bank [SIVB], and Signature Bank [SBNY]), followed…

Now There is an Alternative»

January 18, 2023 –

2022 marked the end of a 14 year old monetary policy experiment, during which the Federal Reserve (and other major central banks) generally held short term interest rates close to…

Risk Reprices as the Fed Tightens Policy»

October 7, 2022 –

After a sharp two month rally ended in August, the US stock market resumed its downward trajectory, and now, down 23.9% for the year, is firmly ensconced in bear market…

The Fed’s Dilemma: Inflation or Recession?»

July 12, 2022 –

The most recent CPI showed headline inflation 9.1% higher than a year ago, while “core” inflation (excluding volatile food and energy prices) rose 5.9%. This sustained surge in price levels occurred while the US economy shrank at an annualized rate of 1.6% in the first quarter of 2022.

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