Santa Fe Advisors, LLC

Investment advisor for individuals and institutions

About Santa Fe Advisors

Santa Fe Advisors brings together a team with extensive experience in the evaluation of financial markets and individual investment vehicles. Our objective is to put our knowledge to work to construct diversified investment portfolios that address our clients’ financial needs and objectives.

David E. Marion, CFA<sup>®</sup>

David E. Marion, CFA®

Partner and Chief Executive Officer

David is responsible for business strategy, investment strategy, and client development and relations. More»

Kristina E. Alley, CFP<sup>®</sup>

Kristina E. Alley, CFP®

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Kristina is responsible for client relationship management, compliance, operations and finance. More»

David B. Kantor

David B. Kantor

Partner and Chief Investment Officer

David is responsible for investment policy and strategy, the evaluation and monitoring of SFA’s portfolio investments, overall business strategy, and a number of SFA’s key client relationships. More»

Sara Hume

Sara Hume

SVP and Operations Manager

Sara has primary responsibility for operations. She also supports the Chief Compliance Officer in the areas of finance and compliance. More»

Alexander Finlay

Alexander Finlay

Investment Analyst

Alex is responsible for investment research, client service, and marketing support. More»