Santa Fe Advisors, LLC

Investment advisor for individuals and institutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you work with my current professional advisors, including my accountant and attorney?

We welcome the opportunity to interface with our clients’ other professional advisors to help ensure that our portfolio design and management takes into account each client’s legal, estate, tax, and other considerations.

How do you communicate with clients?

A hallmark of Santa Fe Advisors’ approach is our openness and transparency. We believe that our clients’ best interests are served if we regularly and openly communicate our process, our views, and how we are managing their risks. Clients can see their portfolio on-line on a daily basis. We send comprehensive quarterly portfolio performance reports. We provide quarterly market commentaries which express our current views on global financial markets and risks, and often send interim updates as market conditions dictate. Every other Friday morning, we open our market strategy meeting so that current and prospective clients can attend and hear what we’re thinking, and observe our decision making process. These meetings are very popular; we encourage you to check our schedule on the home page and join us for an open strategy meeting soon.

Do you keep my personal information confidential?

Our business is one of personal relationships and trust, and we take the confidentiality of client information very seriously. We never share client information outside the firm for any reason, unless required to by the SEC or other regulatory authority.

How do we get more information on SFA?

Call us at 505-501-6200 or contact us to have a conversation or to set up a meeting.